Our Services

Mortgage and Real Estate


Our Title & Abstracting service offerings save our clients considerable amount of time and money while improving their productivity and performance. We offer below services to our clients


· Owner and Encumbrance Report

· Current Owner Search

· Two Owner Search

· Chain of Title Search

· 10-20-30 Year Search

· Purchase Money Mortgage Search

· Closing Update

· Document Retrieval Search

· Assignment and Mortgage Search

· Lien Search and judgment Search

· Legal and Vesting Deed Search

· Title Commitment

· Data Capturing

· Online Data Filing

· Web- based Solutions

Tax Services


Sriven Services approach to real estate tax services puts equal importance on exactness and efficiency. With the help of our team’s property tax tracking expertise, we offer below services


· Property Tax Reports

· County, City, School Taxes

· Delinquent tax tracking

Quality Control


Quality control and make the mortgage origination process more efficient and effective. We help clients to do business with more control, bringing them the convenience of a single 

service provider to ensure quality at every stage of the mortgage life cycle 


· Improved Speed  & flexibility of mortgage operations

· Security & confidentiality of loan files and information

· Highest quality search reports

· Quick turnaround time and at affordable cost

· Easy-to- read customized reports